Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron

Safe Boating Instruction in the Kawarthas Since 1959

"Boating Essentials got you out there, let Seamanship get you back, the life you save maybe your own!"


*Prerequisite: Boating Course - Open only to CPS-ECP Members

If you are interested in this course please for information. Courses are offered annually if there are enough registrants.

The Seamanship Course builds on some of the techniques introduced in the Boating Course. Seamanship uses traditional navigation, GPS fixes, Way Points, along with the introduction of Deviation, in the three homework cruises, and the examination take home cruises.

This course offers: interpretation of charts; the DR plot; bearings, fixes, running fixes, and Collision Regulations; and the exciting concept of plotting and labeling in True and Magnetic, adopted by the CPS-ECP Training Department.

Seamanship, explains the skills needed to understand the hazards of weather, wind, waves, tides, and tidal currents and how to deal with them.

When unforeseen circumstances arise such as man-overboard, and medical emergencies, the seamanship course counsels the student, as to where and how to acquire the skills to deal with potentially life-threatening situations, and of course you can "learn the ropes", from knots, hitches, bends, and splices.

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